Congresswoman Angered over Postal Service’s Official Notice Wallingford Processing Center Will Close Early

WASHINGTON, DC–Congresswoman Rosa DeLauro (CT-3) released the following statement on United States Postal Service (USPS)’s official notice that they will close the Wallingford Processing Center in September. The closure is expected to cost over 360 employees their job. The closure was originally scheduled for February 2014.

“I am outraged at USPS’s decision to consolidate one the region’s newest mail processing centers ahead of schedule. Our postal workers do an extraordinary service for the community and they should be treated with the respect and gratitude they have earned. That includes taking every opportunity to solve USPS’ financial problems without destroying these good middle class jobs.”

“USPS has unilaterally sped up with closing process, ignoring the many members of Congress who have tried to engage with them. This will cost millions of Americans across the country their job, including many veterans.”

DeLauro has repeatedly asked USPS for answers about their actions, including the accelerated closures, and advocated for alternative solutions. She has strongly opposed closing mail processing centers, redefining First-Class mail, and closing retail Post Offices, instead pushing Congress to approve comprehensive legislation that would put USPS back on the path of financial solvency. DeLauro is a cosponsor of the Postal Service Protection Act of 2013, which would remove the retiree benefits pre-funding burden from USPS and transfer the billions in overcharges back to the Postal Service.

  • DaPhantomMailman

    I agree with the Congresswomen and Congress must undo the problem they created! Repeal the mandate, refund the overcharges of CSRS & FERS, stop anymore cuts & closures and of course save 6 day delivery! 5 day will lose USPS money BIG TIME for those of you that want weekends off! Oh yeah and a suggestion for the PMG(Hope you are reading this stuff) why don’t you do a UNDER COVER BOSS like the show! See what’s going on the workroom floor with your MANAGEMENT and EMPLOYEES. CHANGE the CULTURE SIR! This us against them CULTURE, that loses money too and that needs to change! Working together also brings profit and financial stability for USPS! I’m just saying, thanks for your time folks!

  • Jack Frost

    Rather than do the usual NIMBY dance, how about some rage directed towards your colleagues who thus far have refused to take action to relieve the downward spiral of the USPS. Your closure is no more hurtful than any previous or yet to come!