Video: Arizona man says he paid big to change his mailing address

MESA, Ariz. — Tony Palmer and his wife know the importance of checking their mail every day.

When they moved recently, they also realized the importance of changing their mailing address with the The U.S. Postal Service.

Palmer thought doing that would be easy on the Internet.

So, Palmer went online and put in "how to change your mailing address" in a search engine.

That’s when he came across a link that Palmer thought was affiliated with the U.S. Postal Service. It was called Address Change Assistant.

"So, I click on it thinking it’s a speed link into the address change page," Palmer said.

Palmer filled in all the necessary spaces and realized it was going to cost $29.95 to change his information and it was going to cost an additional $29.95 to change his wife’s information since she frequently uses her maiden name.

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  • Toejam

    Mr. Palmer…………….DISPUTE the credit card charge. It’ll only take a phone call to your card company and it’ll go away………. Just DON’T do it next time………….