Employee Resource Management VP to leave USPS

PMG Pat Donahoe has announced Employee Resource Management VP Deborah Giannoni-Jackson is leaving the Postal Service.

During her seven years with USPS, the PMG said Giannoni-Jackson “revolutionized the way we deliver support and services to our employees.” She oversaw the migration of 40 management software systems to a single integrated system, standardizing and streamlining services and saving more than $230 million over five years.

Giannoni-Jackson’ also oversaw the establishment of the Human Resources Shared Services Center (HRSCC), consolidating Human Resources offices in 80 districts to a centralized location in Greensboro, NC. She also managed the conversion to online hiring as well as automated health and safety reporting and case management systems.

In addition to these accomplishments, the PMG credits Giannoni-Jackson with a reinvigorated Management Intern Program. “The Postal Service has benefited from the exchange between management interns and current employees,” he said.

Giannoni-Jackson will leave USPS May 3.


  • QuestionU

    If she was that instrumental to the USPS, why is she leaving?…or, why are we letting her go?

  • http://www.facebook.com/mike.stanton.54 Mike Stanton

    She’s too smart to stay…

  • postalwise

    Would like to know what her ‘golden parachute’ was worth…..

  • barefoot

    Thank God. I finally know who paid SAS to do the “worst programs ever designed for business”. The accident program may be among the worst programs ever created by mankind. The hiring and case management programs are just as poorly designed, and work just above pathetic. I see that swirling wheel of a SAS program and see hours and hours of my life pass by.

  • TheRealFed


  • doorcoach

    Oh gosh – hurry up and replace her – we can’t possibly get by with only 33 remaining VPs….