Postal workers in marathon bomber manhunt areas told to stay home


The USPS Employee Emergency Hotline at 888-363-7462 has been updated to advise postal workers in the areas affected by the manhunt for the Boston Marathon bomber to stay home. Public transportation in the area has been shut down as the search continues.

Here is the latest advisory from the Alert web site:

Residents in Watertown, Newton, Waltham, Belmont, Cambridge and and the Allston Brighton neighborhoods and the entire City of Boston are advised to stay indoors. Residents should not answer the door unless it is a police officer, and are advised to stay away from windows. All businesses in these towns will remain closed until further notice. People should not congregate outside.

Read more: Mass.Gov Alert.

  • Maureen Gochett

    RIGHT ON!!!!

  • myztero

    Upon return to work these carriers will be given investigative interviews and issued discipline for delaying mail.

  • Mike Shaw

    Am I to assume from this article that EVERY business in the City of Boston is going to be closed until further notice??? Really?? How are they enforcing that?

    • postalnews

      The police have been focused on catching the bomber, not on making sure businesses were closed. The point of telling people to stay home was to insure their safety, and to give the police room to do their job.

  • Ruben Bo Borrero

    I wouldn’t be a bit surprised if when the rank-and-file return to work, management says, “OK, are you taking Annual or LWOP for yesterday?