NALC’s Rolando testifies at oversight hearing

April 17, 2013 — NALC President Fredric Rolando was among those called to testify today on Capitol Hill before a House Oversight and Government Reform Committee hearing on the Postal Service’s financial situation.

The hearing began with several representatives accusing Postal Service Board of Governors Chairman Mickey Barnett of backing away from USPS’s announced plan to reduce the number of delivery days each week from six to five beginning in August because of intense pressure from postal unions.

But under closer questioning from lawmakers, Barnett and Government Accountability Office Comptroller General Gene Dodaro made it clear that the decision not to unilaterally reduce the delivery schedule resulted from the need to follow the law, which calls for a six-day delivery schedule.

Rolando said that on the merits, eliminating Saturday delivery would be a costly mistake that would not only make it harder for the Postal Service to grow the business but also would cost money by driving away customers.

Testifying alongside Postmaster General Patrick Donahoe on the second panel, President Rolando said it was not necessary to reopen postal union contracts in search of cost savings. “Renegotiating contracts is unnecessary,” the president said, “because our recently arbitrated agreement allows us to look for ways to work with the Postal Service to find cost reductions, in health care expenses and in an improved route adjustment process.

“Before we start make changes to the workforce or to the delivery schedule,” Rolando said, “we need to focus on deciding what Postal Service’s mission is.“

Committee members should focus on finding ways to strengthen the Postal Service for the future, not on slashing services and dismantling the universal network, he said.

“I don’t see where this is a partisan issue,” he told the committee. “This is America’s Postal Service.”

Click here to read President Rolando’s submitted written testimony.


  • skipper

    “focusing on deciding what the po mission is”. Where does “focusing” and “deciding” save money? The po needs to save money now before its run into the ground. More of the same crap from the union.

    • Conservstinkbad

      The current mission of delivering just mail is doomed to fail. The competitors have lobbied against the Postal Service doing other things that would create revenue. Laws in place will not allow the USPS to expand services. Check cashing services could be provided, the selling of phone cards, and many other services would bring in revenue. But it cannot do this under law. The USPS even had to take an Express Mail comercial off air because lobbyists forced them to do so. So how can it be competitive? Laws need to be lifted to allow it to function like a business.

      • sam

        We have two choices. Be under congressional and union rule as we are now or to privatize. Both are scary but I am starting to move for privatizing.

  • Jack Frost

    Best line on the internet in years, Rolando said,”“I don’t see where this is a partisan issue,”. Postal unions are well known for their undying complete support of the Democratic party through donations and voting drives. Yeah, Rolando, that word doesn’t mean what you think it means!

  • nick

    start with giving back the 27 billion owed the postal service from civil service pensions, then roll back the 5.5 billion in pre-payments for employees not yet hired.