PMG asks supervisors to renegotiate salaries- NAPS says no thanks

From the National Association of Postal Supervisors:

This morning, NAPS received a request from Postmaster General Patrick R. Donahoe to re-open pay consultations between NAPS and the United States Postal Service as a result of the USPS Board of Governor’s decision not to proceed with ending six-day First Class mail delivery. The Resident Officers alerted the PMG this afternoon that NAPS will not consent to reopening pay consultations.

The text of the letter from the Resident Officers to the PMG can be found here.


  • Nalc

    Carriers won’t renegotiate either.

  • thebest idea

    Let’s open the Postmaster General’s salary or better yet give him a pink slip.

  • LiamSkye

    Renegotiate? If I’m not mistaken EAS has gotten zero for the past two or three years. PCES, on the other hand, have gotten a raise, and the officers only missed their raises one year but still get their bonuses every year at the NEC grab-fest. EAS has the worst deal in the postal service – and let that be a lesson to anyone who questions the value of a union.


    RIF the TOP! PCES and EAS! Push them in to the rank and file. There is so much waste in this company!

    • Skip Cook


  • Retired

    Let the PCES Executives take a pay cut. I’m retired so it doesn’t effect me, but they have nerve asking the EAS to re-open pay consultations when they need to set the example by cutting back at the top not only with salary and bonuses, but with jobs too.

  • Paul Lehane


  • Postman

    The way the Postal Service execs treat the EAS and craft employees would lead one to think that this request will fall on deaf ears. How can you expect any type of of loyalty or concessions from your employees when during the past 5 years all upper management has been preaching is corrective action for anything ranging from 1 minute over-runs on street times by carriers to supervisors allowing additional street time when there is 8 inches of snow on the ground!!!

  • Victor

    Forcing Supervisors to work off the clock isn’t enough for them. Now they want the pay they actually get. Why they give back last year’s bonus. The bonus that no one was suppose to get

  • Retired Rural PM

    Why not have the PMG (who incidently makes more than the Secretary of Defense) take a salary cut and forgo his bonuses? Additionally cut the salaries and/or get rid of the legion of professional hall walkers over at L’Enfant Plaza.