Arkansas PMR charged with embezzlement

The United States Attorney in Little Rock, Arkansas has announced the indictment of Kady Vail, a former relief postmaster in Roe, AR, on embezzlement charges. The alleged crimes took place from February to June of 2012. Vail is accused of converting USPS money orders for her own use, and making false accounting entries.

  • Mr. Postman

    She had to steal. She had no choice. Low pay, low hrs, no benefits. Are there any PMRs out there who are making a above-poverty level living working as a PMR?

  • newflash

    when hearing the news about embezzlment in AR, postmaster general donahue said we need to lay off more carriers to fix the problem of a postmaster stealing.

  • Alex

    Sad sad sad all I can say.

  • Friend

    She didn’t do it. Her boss actually did the stealing but because he is the single source they use when investigating she, of course, got blamed. Now she’s left with a federal indictment that she can’t afford to fight. Her children are the only ones that will suffer because she’s a single mom.