USPS launches Inside Sales program

From USPS News Link:

A new national sales program being launched this month by USPS will focus on small businesses — one of the Postal Service’s fastest growing customer markets.

The Postal Service’s Inside Sales program will consist of a group of 200 professional telesales agents who will tout the convenience, affordable prices and service USPS offers. They’ll focus on selling five main products — Every Door Direct Mail, and Express Mail and Priority Mail, both domestic and international offerings, as well as flat-rate packaging options.

According to Sales VP Cliff Rucker, the team will respond to sales leads from a variety of sources. They’ll conduct their business by phone, since that’s the method most preferred by small business owners and employees.

“This additional sales force will complement the efforts of field sales employees, who can then focus on larger customers with more complex needs,” said Rucker. “This integrated approach to selling will allow us to offer customers the level of service they need, based on the size of their businesses.”

The Postal Service adopted the new sales initiative after a pilot program proved it could be an effective means to educate the small business market and gain new revenue. The pilot produced more than 5,500 Every Door Direct Mail sales, resulting in $5.8 million in new revenue.

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