Video: PMG’s State of the Postal Service Report to Employees

From the US Postal Service:

In his latest State of the Business video, PMG Pat Donahoe addresses some of the mixed messages employees may be hearing regarding the future of USPS.

The PMG begins the video by focusing on the steps the Postal Service is taking to address the financial challenges created by declining First-Class Mail volumes.

“We will continue with the necessary actions that we have to take — things that we can control,” says the PMG. These actions include network consolidations; the Post Plan; and discussions with Congress and stakeholders regarding the USPS plan for 6-day package, 5-day mail delivery.

“When all these things are done, that will be it for the big, major changes,” Donahoe says.

The PMG then clears up misinformation employees may hear on postal issues, such as fears that a move to six-day package, five-day mail delivery will result in massive layoffs. “We have made major changes in this organization without having to lay anyone off,” says Donahoe.

He also emphasizes that there are no plans to reduce mail delivery to fewer than five days a week, saying that doing so would be detrimental to the Postal Service’s business. He points out that five-day delivery is critical for commercial First-Class Mail.

The PMG closes by thanking employees for their hard work, noting that service levels remain at an all-time high, thanks to employee dedication.

State of the Postal Service April 3, 2013 – YouTube.

  • Marcus1956

    Maybe the most Stupid man in the World.

    • sickofthepmg

      I don’t know about that, Issa is pretty stupid and so is the rest of Congress?

      • sam

        You forgot Obama.

    • the mailhandler

      right on

  • Nalc

    When do city carriers get their early out?

    • sickofidiots

      See, here is how it works in the USPS: They have no idea of what they are doing, so if they end Saturday delivery, they don’t have Supervisors smart enough to change the schedules, or to get the mail out, so they will have to keep everyone until they figure it out, which could be years, if ever!

  • delmos

    Can the USPS legally go to 5-day if they turn down the appropriation money? I have searched the web for a definite answer to this question and have yet to find one. If they can then I would think 5-day is a done deal.

  • sickofthepmg

    “He also emphasizes that there are no plans to reduce mail delivery to
    fewer than five days a week, saying that doing so would be detrimental
    to the Postal Service’s business.” YOU THINK? What about not delivering first class mail on Saturdays? That wouldn’t be detrimental to the USPS’s business? This guy is a major moron!

    • No lay off

      What the pm said is true take the pre funding away they lose 2 billion that is per year. If you’re a carrier you know you don’t deliver that much 1st class mail the route is either full of bulk or a list. Compared to just 2 years ago we are delivering nothing. I think everybody that works for the po better hope they go to 5 day so we still have a job 5 years from now. Nobody can lose their job with a NO LAY OFF CLAUSE in the contract

      • sandy

        at least you get it…

  • sandy

    hes my hero

  • Tom

    How can he say with a straight face that he wants to “grow the business and improve service” while cutting service. . .talking out collection boxes. . .getting mail to the Carriers later. . .shifting business deliveries from face-to-face to deliveries where we never have contact with the customers?

    • sandy

      people do not want mail on saturday…most only want it three days a week

  • Clerk

    Its management (at least in my office) that are threatening layoffs and also telling us that the could stand to lose those who the think aren’t fire ti do the job anymore.

  • Salvatore J. Cento

    Do things that generate more business NOT LOOSE MOE JOBS

  • Salvatore J. Cento


  • Mendoza

    How many subs work for the postal service? And… Can any of them afford to work only one or two days a week??????