BJ’s apologizes for flyer that ‘missed the mark’

BJflyerBJ’s apologizes for flyer that ‘missed the mark’: The CEO of BJ’s Wholesale Club has sent a letter apologizing for a mailing that began hitting post offices across the country this week. The mailing was apparently intended to acquire new customers and contained some humor directed at letter carriers. “While the message was supposed to be humorous, we may have missed the mark,” BJ’s President and CEO Laura Sen wrote. “We apologize to the U.S. Postal Service and mail carriers for any offense or misunderstanding caused by our mailer message.” The 15 states targeted by the mailer are Connecticut, Delaware, Florida, Georgia, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island and Virginia. Click here to see the flyer, and click here to read the apology letter.

NALC | The National Association of Letter Carriers, AFL-CIO.


    FU Bj’s

  • Ali baba

    That was funny

  • Jack Frost

    Surprised they weren’t all stolen by employees like all the other valuable mail.

    • bigtime

      please pal stop the lies. nobody is stealing ALL THE VALUABLES. sure there may be a few, but when they get caught and they will , they will pay the price. now for the rest of us we ask you to stop the blatant lies . maybe you are the one stealing at your job and this is just a way for you to feel right about it .

      • Kathy Lowman

        I agree with you bigtime. I’m really tired of the accussations that we are all thieves.

  • Kathy Lowman

    I don’t see any humor in this and your apology is not accepted. Every employee of the USPS should boycott your enterprise. I for one wouldn’t shop with your company much less invest in one of your memberships. Yes the USPS is the butt of a lot of jokes, from snail mail to going postal and now openly calling us thieves. To all the hard working USPS employees, thanks for your dedication and service to all American homes and business. I for one am proud to wear the eagle and call myself a letter carrier, but it makes it hard to do a very hard job when companies like this make uncalled for jokes about us.

  • Nelson Ortiz

    I live in Florida, still haven’t received it.

    • jt

      You live in Fla? Good for you bud. Anyone else care?you obviously didn’t read the article. And if you did you should probably just say you didn’t. Only 15 states were targeted for this mailing. Fla not being one. Go back to bed.

  • annie

    BJ’S needs to put apology letter in major news papers in areas affected by this insult. and the Letter carrier Assoc should demand this… After all a lot of customers do not have access to a computer.

  • C11

    Lol, Relax everyone. We have bigger problems.

  • VV EE

    Boo hoo! So what?.Bunch of cry babies!

  • Robert

    The apology means nothing since they are still being delivered. They should retrieve the ones still in the system.


    I live in GA and didn’t get one. I found it pretty funny. I often get dated mail weeks late, and have delivered boxes of checkes to people myself that where delivered to me by mistake. I do feel for the honest, hard working employees though.