NALC: Rallies Sunday to Preserve the Postal Service


WASHINGTON, March 21, 2013 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ — Letter carriers will hold rallies around the country Sunday in a day of action for a strong U.S. Postal Service and continued Saturday mail delivery. They will be joined by others in their communities who recognize the importance of maintaining universal mail service six days a week.

 Fredric Rolando , president of the National Association of Letter Carriers, said the following:

 The plan to shrink the Postal Service and end six-day service is an attack on the future of this great institution and on the customers who need it. Many Americans – including small-business owners, the elderly, rural and urban residents, veterans and the tens of millions without access to reliable Internet service – would suffer if the strength and service of our Postal Service is compromised.

 Eliminating Saturday delivery is a step toward dismantling the world’s most affordable and efficient delivery network, which is older than the country itself and based in the Constitution. It would add costs to small businesses and greatly inconvenience many Americans – without saving taxpayers a dime, since the Postal Service doesn’t use taxpayer money for its operations. It funds itself by the sale of stamps and other products.

 It would hurt the Postal Service’s bottom line, by driving mail out of the system, lowering revenue and thus requiring further cutbacks – leading to a death spiral for the USPS. It also would affect the economic recovery. The Postal Service is the hub of the $1.3 trillion mailing industry, which employs 7.5 million Americans in the private sector.

And degrading service doesn’t even address the Postal Service’s financial problems. In 2006, Congress mandated that the Postal Service pre-fund future retiree health benefits for decades to decades into the future, and pay for it within 10 years. No other agency or company is required to pre-fund, and this unfair mandate accounts for more than 80 percent of all postal red ink – $11 billion last year alone.

Instead of cutting services, Congress should address the pre-funding problem it created. Then the Postal Service can do what it has done for more than 200 years – develop a business plan to meet the needs of an evolving society.

Six-day delivery has been the law for 30 years, with bipartisan support in Congress. We ask all those who support a strong Postal Service to make your voice heard by joining a Delivering for America rally on March 24 to preserve six-day delivery. We need to send a clear message to Congress: Don’t dismantle our Postal Service!

 To find a rally near you, visit the Delivering for America website:


  • Smartcarrier

    Stick it rolando.

  • LILetterMan

    Does Anyone know where the Queens
    Letter Carriers are Gathering on Sunday?

  • Brian

    It’s all about the money for the union. Majority of carriers want 5 day delivery. If UPS can do it so can the USPS. Go to 5 day to preserve jobs and not be privatized and get laid off.

    • concerned citizen

      Another one of managements cronies aint ya do you really think your gonna get saturday off if it goes to 5 day delivery think about it before you speak saturdays no delivery will cause backups on mondays which will cause hugh overtime in every office including the risk of mail being returned to the office in which case will end causing more problems on tuesday and the rest of the week which then will cause management to force us to work well into the dark or even better force us to carry or deliver more than 3 third bundles in order to get all the mail out and if that doesnt work they can change the delivery to say 5 days delivery is good we work saturdays and shut down tuesdays what would u say to that type of delivery schedule…. that is more of what it will look like if we change to 5 days delivery it means saturday is not the definite day everyone thinks it is when did the pmg ever keep his word on anything he ever said he is using it as an excuse to get us to change to 5 days doesnt mean he has to cut saturday once he gets his 5 day schedule and another thing u can consider we already work 5 days because we have 2 days off a week sunday and one rotating day if you dont then get yourself off the odl list then u wont have to complainabout us also if you read your contract we have a no layoff clause so we are protected from layoffs of course unless you didnt make the required time yet …..

  • TheRealFed

    6-day all the way!