• MrPolarBear

    Lets see……doing the math. 5.5 Billion dollars in 2006 + 2007 + 2008 + 2009 + 2010 = 27.5 Billion Dollars already in this pre-funded for 75 years worth of employees. However, the fund is Empty. …… A Zero Balance. Nothing., Zip Nana Zelch. . IT’s gone. You see, The same congress that mandated the Postal Service to go belly to save this money dipped their little hands into it to off set the federal deficit. They can’t return any of this 27.5 Billion dollars to the Postal Service because THEY SPENT IT.

    • pokey


    • South Dakota Carrier.

      Just like Social Security. Where’s the lock box? There isn’t one. A piece of paper with “IOU” on it.

  • nick

    imagine congressmen having to pay for their postage.. priceless