Bravery under fire: New Hampshire supervisor saves man from burning vehicle

From USPS News Link:

Nashua, NH, L&DC Supervisor Earl Wickline saved the life of the victim of a car fire earlier this year.

Police say Wickline reached into a burning jeep, used his bare hands to extinguish flames approaching the unconscious 58-year-old driver, and dragged the man to safety.

“I went to the driver’s side, but couldn’t see inside because there was so much smoke and fire,” recalled Wickline. “I put my hand inside and could feel there was somebody there.”

Wickline said the back seat was in flames. He couldn’t budge the man from the driver’s side, so he ran around to the passenger door. After freeing the driver’s dog from the vehicle, he reached for the driver, whose clothing was starting to ignite.

Wickline batted out the flames, suffering multiple burns, then grabbed the man under his arms and pulled him free. “From that position, he just slid right out into the snow.”

A local policeman called Wickline a hero. “There’s no doubt in my mind, he saved the man’s life,” he said.