• Kingfisher552

    You want to reduce costs? My office (7 routes) has a Post Master who earns $76,000 and a supervisor who makes $73,000. Isn’t there something wrong here?

    • kKingfisher552

      One more thing. Don’t believe any polls taken by the USPS. This organization has a known history of telling lies – juggle the poll results to suit their needs.

    • http://www.facebook.com/shebuty62 Sheila M. Stewart

      PMG makes $500K…….:(

  • Just saying

    I agree with Mr. Kingfisher….stupefiers and managers must go, that way we will have some good employees and the others who steal, take women in the back of their LLV, scam the FMLA system and so on….keep up the awesome post Mr. Kingfisher…