• sickofcongress

    The problems is: Who is going to stop them? The American people? The young people feel there is no need for the postal service because they have no clue as to what it will do to the cost of their internet shipping and package shipping in the future! Most people get their news from two-minutes blips and not the whole truth, so the believe that it will cost them money (which is not true)and they will have to bail out the USPS,and that is EXACTLY what the GOP wants them to believe. Reform has dragged on for two years now, and the GOP still has the same position and is still telling lies about the USPS’s financial situation because they are the CAUSE of it! It is going to take the American people to wake up and realize that the GOP is destroying an American institution to line their own pockets to make them change their minds and agree to legislation that will save the USPS!

    • Gary

      I too feel the GOP is to blame but, why hasn’t the president stood up in defense of the Postal Service, if for no other reason than, it is a huge provider of jobs for veterans and is a very diverse employer?

      • steward

        We don’t have a real president. He would rather not deal with anything that’s going on. Just another problem that he can blame on someone else.

  • idontunderstandit

    Rep. Schiff for Postmaster General !!!!!!!!