Why is some woman in Belgium attacking “junk mail” and Bernie Sanders?

carrie lukasForbes has a nasty little piece today attacking Senator Bernie Sanders of Vermont for introducing legislation to protect the US Postal Service and six day mail delivery. The article, written by self-proclaimed “right wing crazy” Carrie Lukas, is loaded with the kind of tea party talking points and misinformation you’d expect:

To the average citizen, limiting the chore of transferring unwanted junk mail from the mailbox to the recycling bin to Monday through Friday would be very welcome news. Yet the average person also doesn’t have much pull in Washington. That’s because— unlike the paper industry and businesses that create all the mail, as well as the union workers who sort and deliver it— normal people don’t hire lobbyists to tell Congress to stop wasting money subsidizing the delivery of unwanted paper to their homes.

What I really found amazing about Carrie’s rant, though, was the brazen chutzpah she demonstrated in claiming to speak for “the average person”. Carrie, based on her bio, is most certainly not “the average person”- and I seriously doubt she is acquainted with many “normal people”. Her bio says that she is “a contributor to National Review Online, a senior fellow at the Goldwater Institute, and graduate of Harvard’s Kennedy School of Government and Princeton University.”

She is, in other words, a very well-connected, and no doubt, well off, lobbyist- a card carrying member of the elite who gets huffy when actual “average persons” who work for a living have the nerve to lobby their elected representatives. But wait- there’s more! Where does Carrie practice her own brand of grass roots All-American activism from?


Yes, that Belgium- you know, the one next to France? Not only that, but this scourge of the alleged “subsidizing” of the USPS lives in Belgium at the expense of the American taxpayer!

From Carrie’s bio: “My husband is a Foreign Service officer and I currently live in Belgium.”

How nice for you! Hope your accommodations are up to snuff! I do like to know that my tax dollars are being well spent. And of course, thanks for maintaining an interest in what’s going on back here in the states!

Au revoir!

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  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1621152290 Penny Woods Hess

    Some call it “junk” mail, but it actually is a multi-million dollar advertising business that employs hundreds of thousands of folks nation wide. People that make ink, paper, envelopes, truck drivers, people that make fuel, supply fuel for mail transport, aviation employees, the list goes on and on……and I’m pretty sure that they call it a “paycheck”!

  • tellitlikeitis

    Penny, Well said, the only problem is that the youth of today are so engaged in their ipads and ipods that they don’t read anything real or about what is going on in the world, and could care less if the USPS folded. She is one of them. Unread and misinformed!

  • tellitlikeitis

    Shame on the media for allowing someone as ignorant as this woman is to even BE on TV or heard at all! She and others like her are the reason why people are being misinformed about the truth behind the GOP’s attack on the postal service and it’s unionized labor!

  • tellitlikeitis

    Notice how the Tea Party followers and the member of the GOP always start off with unionized labor as the forefront of the USPS’s problems? They want everyone to make minimum wages, work unlimited hours without overtime pay, with little benefits (if any at all) and no retirement, and more importantly no procedures available to the workers if they are falsely fired! More money for the big CEO;’s!

  • AdamBomb8

    This Carrie Lukas is clueless and needs to crawl back under whatever rock she came from.

  • vitameatavegamin

    Wife of a govt. employee busy crapping on less elite gov. employees while in a European country that is not perfect but does well by its working folks….priceless!