NALC: Q&A on City Carrier Assistants (CCAs)

NALC-LOGOFrom the National Association of Letter Carriers:

Questions and Answers—City Carrier Assistants (CCAs)
This jointly-developed question-and-answer document (
M-01802) provides the mutual understanding of the national parties on issues related to city carrier assistants (CCAs)—the new classification of letter carrier created by the January 10, 2013, interest arbitration award that set the terms of the 2011-2016 National Agreement. The parties are still in discussions on several other issues concerning CCAs. This document will be updated when agreement is reached on other issues concerning CCAs.

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  • Only me

    I am wondering if they can bid on routes, te’s were not allowed to.

    • D. Ternowski

      That would be great but it might go against what management wants in a CCA which is the ability to move them from office to office each day of the week depending on which office has open routes.

      • PTF-Mich

        Removing the PTF position and merging some of it’s characteristics with some of the TE concepts seems counter productive. I understand that there are some ups and downs to the CCA position, but the main hurt comes with the substantial hourly pay cut. The idea that they will be made regular when an unbid route is available is great, etc., but that huge drop in pay in the meantime is just insane. Ah well, I’m a PTF and got all excited when the arbitration ruling was released…now I’m kinda just waiting to see what happens when August comes around. In the meantime, the phone calls to our elected officials must still be made, and awareness be spread at the rallies.

        • lily

          do they count former years, if CCA transfer to regular city carrier?

          • Carrier Rep

            For retirement purposes, yes you are credited for those years, for seniority purposes,no,your seniority begins when you become a career employee.

      • Roma Montiel

        What does the CCA Form 50 say? That is the office he is assigned to & should not be lent out to other offices. That should be grieved if that is happening

    • Letter carrier

      Yes they can that is the opting secti

      • JY

        Actually, they can’t bid on routes, but they can hold down a route. Career employees always gets first crack at any vacancies if they’re not already in a position.

        • Roma Montiel

          Yes they can opt on route,s just not bid on an route up for bid, I think Only me meant opt

  • Brett

    what about annual leave, do they bid for bid annual and incidental leave or do they not count toward our percentages? As TE’s they were not counted toward our percentages.

  • befuddled one

    …based on the MOU “previous test” scores are valid for 6 years!!! How is that the UNION is not assisting TE’s which has been let go for not retaking the test!. Can someone shed some light on this issue?

    • Roma Montiel

      TE’s had an option of taking the test again or going with their test scores on file. Sounds more like the TE didn’t pass the moral test all applicants had to pass. To get around that they simply had to create a new profile using another email account. My TE’s had problems but if they don’t let anyone know what is going on the Union cannot help. Oh BTW the Postal Service re-opened the application process as they did not get enough applicants.

  • Alex

    I would like to know how the transition from CCA to regular will occur? Will there be a list likewise the one when a PTF moves to regular, where as the seniority date would be a factor of importance.

  • Bobby

    The Union completely and utterly got their but kicked and ran during this contract negotiations. How can they sleep at night taking away so much money from the TE’s. What a joke the NALC is. They take a substantial amount of money from what I consider the hardest working and most efficient employees. On top of that they give themselves a raise. Fred Relondo you should step down and resign and let someone that is not a coward do a better job!

    • Roma Montiel

      This contract was ruled by an arbitrator. That means all decisions & all rulings were by the arbitrator. Both sides presented their position. USPS brought in an outside law firm (& did not use their own lawyers) that specializes in contract negotiations. The arbitrator found the Postal Service arguments, that the company was fiscally drowning & suffering financially, to be more persuasive

      • Hannah

        Well that’s not true! The Postal Service is NOT fiscally drowning. In fact it’s made a huge profit it’s last 5 qtrs. What it is suffering from is the Prefunding! Remove the prefunding and you have a mega profitable company!

        • N2u2Doll

          I didn’t say the Postal Service was drowning, but that the Arbitrator found the Postal Service arguments to be more persuasive.And the decision was handed down on January 10, 2013. The last 5 quarters have no basis in Arbitrator’s Das decision

    • Mailgrl

      The other unions settled and the NALC got the shaft because of that. The arbitrator used their negotiated contracts to resolve differences.

    • Hannah

      Go back and read the previous contract! TE’s were going to be terminated when it ended. TERMINATED. The Postal Service wanted to go to OUTSIDE contractors like Staples to fill the gap. TE’s had NO jobs NONE at that point The UNION argued that they needed more PTF’s. MORE! The Arbitrator split the difference and CCA’s were created. TE’s didn’t get shafted by the union…..those that went on to CCA’s still had jobs! Helps to know ALL your facts not just the ones that suit you!

      • Carrier Rep

        You are wrong! the previous contract provisions still apply after the contract expires and the union and management go through the arbitration process,so they wouldn’t have fired TE’s,if they did,they would be looking at a disaster and the mail would pile up in the stations. .

    • Carrier Rep

      Rolando is not responsible for the creation of the CCA category and the lower pay than TE’s in the last contract and the percentage increase given to management,that was arbitrator Das decision to create the CCA category and lower the pay.Blame goes to the APWU,whose president,Guffey was in bed with Donahoe and sold them down the river with their PSE’s,whose pay is the same as CCA’s.Had they gone to arbtration and not settled for a management dictated CBA,this wouldn’t have happened.

  • Grif5516

    What about Regular Carrier Transfers? Can a carrier transfer to a station if there is a carrier leaving or does the CCA get that position?

    • redbonesrock

      Regular carriers, or craft transfers will get first bids on all vacancies. Any vacancies that are not filled will then be filled with CCA promotions to career carrier by order of seniority. Carriers can transfer to a station that has an opening if they wish and will have reversal rights if they choose to go back to their original station/position. Other crafts may also opt to transfer to a station that has a career carrier position open. The initial postings are supposed to be open for 30 days from the date of the signing of the agreement. Once that is done, promotions will begin to fill any remaining vacancies. Any CCAs left after that will stay as CCAs until there is another vacancy. This should be done by Thanksgiving, but could be stretched out by the offices until Christmas or so according to our Union steward.

      • uspssssucks

        This isn’t exactly correct, craft transfers, as I am, got shafted to the back of the pile and they let the CCA’s all bid on whatever route they wanted 1st because my supervisor didn’t turn in the employee evaluation paperwork in a “timely manner” took him 10 days, even though I have 7 years as a TE, and 10 as a regular, served 4 probationary periods and failed the 2nd as a carrier before finally making it I am now below CCA’s who may have only worked 1 year for the service and they will get to keep their job over me when they go to 5 day delivery.

      • mailgrl

        Unless your office is under with holding……

  • redbonesrock

    Based on the new regular pay scale for city carriers, it appears that newly hired CCA’s that are promoted to regular carrier to fill a vacancy will be getting only 16 something per hour. Also it will take 6 steps or more than five years to get back to the previous starting rate for regular carrier pay of $21. Is this correct or am I missing something here? If this is true, the post office still has the upper hand with newly promoted CCAs who are making way less than the old TE position, but working just as hard!!!

    • tampooner

      Newly Hired CCAs start off at 16.71 an hour as of 9/15/2014. I just made regular and that’s what Ill be making. Google: NALC payscale and you will see for yourself. Youll also get a pay raise every 46 weeks until you top out at 27 and some change.

  • Moonsun

    I’ve been a CCA since March and have not received my clothing allowance. I’ve asked my supervisor twice about this and have not received a response. Anyone else have this issue?

    • I got u!

      File a grievance with your local branch .You should received your uniform allowances after your 90 days

  • Donovan Pierre

    Im a CCA and I have been delivering on a vacant route for 3 months. I’ve past my 90 day probation how do I opt or hold down the route so I can get more hours?

  • CCA11

    I’ve been a CCA for 5 months now. I live in a small town where there are 4 carriers and 4 routes. (We all spilt one route, 3 work a day) 2 regulars and 2 CCAs, the other CCA is quiting (he started 6 months before me). I pretty much have my “own” route, but its a vacant route. The other CCA does every route when that carrier is off. Well I’m wondering what are my chances of becoming a regular? How do I take the next step to become a regular and bid on the route I have now since it’s vacant.

  • ron

    as a CCA can I be forced to assist another P.O. 30 miles away

    • me

      Yes. Be sure to request compensation for mileage if you are driving your personal vehicle.

  • speedy

    can a ptf override a cca that was a te first over a vacant route career position even if the ptf don’t work at that station.

    • ME

      Yes. A PTF who is detailed to another facility has opting rights. The PTF, as a career employee, would be awarded the opt over any CCA.

  • Enjoli

    If I am a CCA what type of compensation can I collect if I am out of work due to an illness, I had a Staph infection in my achilles tendon and now I am out of work for 6-8 weeks?

    • Me

      If you have a non-job related illness or injury you may choose to use any earned annual leave or take leave without pay. Apply for FMLA if you have the 1250 workhours.

  • cca0531

    Can a supervisor not award a cca the following week holddown if the schedule already been made? I’m asking because I was on a holdown but the regular came back to work today. (out on injury so he walked in without any warning) Due to him being out on injury and since I didn’t know when he might come back I would request a hold down every week so I can move on to another assignment..He walked in this morning so I was wondering do I get that holddown since I have the most seniority or do the supervisor give it to another cca because they had already made the schedule out? (This holdown started today with the regular carrier out on vacation)

    • ME

      That’s a tough one but I’d say you get the opt. If I understand the scenario, you were on a holddown already but because you thought it may end, you expressed an interest in an alternate assignment. Then the regular showed up on the day the opts were set to begin. Presuming the junior never began the opt , I think the supervisor should have placed you on that assingment. In other words, working the assingment starts the opt: not the supervisor doing the schedule.

  • Diana Meaney

    I’m a CCA and I’m transferring to another state. Since I’m not a career employee does my current Postmaster have the right to hold me?

    • Me

      The better question is whether you have any entitlements to transfer; similiar to a career employee. The answer is that CCAs do not have that right. If a transfer was approved, your PM probably had no part in that process. Contact your steward and work through Labor Relations to find out where you stand . If you have a good leave record and good attitude, there is no reason your transfer wouldn’t eventually happen.

      • Aisha Harmon

        What is considered a good leave record? Does that include approved in advance off requests or specifically unscheduled

  • Mark

    Can a newly hired CCA be fired only after two weeks of carrying?

    • DC

      You would

      • ME

        As a probationary employee (not completed 90 workdays or 120 calendar days) you would be subject to being separated without recouse to the grievance procedure.

  • Ruben

    Can a CCA be placed on ‘standby’ for Sunday deliveries? And what manual can I find the answer? I already tried the ‘Q&A for CCA’ and the ‘ELM’! Thank you.

    • Richard

      There is no such thing as stand by- If you are not on the schedule, then you are not working. What does management think? You should wait at home by the phone in uniform in case you might be called?

  • Michael

    I was a CCA for 4 months and just had to resign do to medical concerns. Do I receive a payout of accumulated annual time that was earned during employment?

  • Mike

    I was a CCA for over 2 months and accrued annual leave but was terminated before my 90 day probationary period. Will I be paid for that accrued time or do I lose it?

    • N2u2Doll

      Yes you will receive a paycheck with your accrued annual leave. This applies to all CCA’s whether they are at the end of their yearly contract or being converted to Regular carrier

    • Carrier Rep

      With only two months and not having passed probation,you have no standing and earned no accrued annual leave,only your last paycheck for the hours you worked.And does it matter when you will no longer be employed with the Postal Service?

  • savannah

    i have worked as a cca for the post office for about 7 or 8 months and my boss is trying to force my to work on chirstmas is that legal? even when i didnt volunteer and it is against my religon?

  • tom

    cca had severe pain while delivering mail went to emergency room had a hernia had to have emergency surgery …..worked 10 months manager said he is going to fire me
    should i get a lawyer

    • paul

      See your union steward. The basic answer is no he can’t, you are past your probationary period so the union can represent you.

    • Charles N. Williams, III

      See your Union Steward ASAP! Don’t believe everything Management tells you.

  • je

    what breaks do cca’s get when working 6hrs? and is it different when over 6?

  • BC

    Can a CCA bid a hold down while on their 5 day break in service for a hold down that begins the day they return from break?

  • CCA-TN

    Are CCA’s due any days off? It was recently added that we do no longer have to be on stand-by for scheduled days off, but some of us don’t get scheduled days off. With Sunday and holiday Amazon delivery, I’m on 19 days straight, with zero days off. Do we get breaks?

    • CCA-NCClt

      I see that no one reply online but did you pose this question to your shop steward or Union President? I worked 17 days straight. The only reason I didn’t work 18 was because I was an alternate for Memorial Day Amazon delivery.

    • shortyrock67

      No but you can use annuall leave or ask a union steward

  • Lisa

    I’m currently working as a CCA and applied for a career city carrier position with a different post office. I have yet to hear anything back. I did had my interview. I was told by one of my co workers, that in essence to become a regular with a different post office, I would have to quit the CCA position. He was told this by the carriers supervisor. How thru is this and where or how can I find the status on this job and the application? USPS site says, in process.

  • darcy

    if i am a cca and was walking the route for 3 weeks in the knee deep snow, ice,ice cleats and boots, going up and down steep hills,through alleys where mail boxes were , slipping on the frozen,then refrozen ice and snow icy tracks day in and out delivering the mail…then got severe knee lock and have been off for 3 weeks with 4 more to go because of muscles and ligaments lock up, in therapy 2 times a week my q is …. will i be safe going back to work? i filed a ca2 form and had it turned into the post office to the post master.

  • Wanda Records

    i have been a cca for 10 mths now- we just had a T6 take a supervisors job at another office- how long does my office have to post and get bids on this open career position?

  • dan

    Can a CCA get off a holdown after bidding on it because its to hard ?

    • James

      No. Once you are on a hold-down you are on it for the duration

      • Chris

        I am a CCA and I was able to come off of a hold down.

      • Charles N. Williams, III

        Yes you can terminate a hold down. All you need to do is write a statement requesting to terminate your hold down. Sign it, date it, and give your steward a copy and keep one for yourself. Then your hold down will terminate the next day.

  • dan

    Can a CCA that transferred out due to pending termination be reinstated and transferred back in good standing as a CCA upon learning a career employee is retiring and jump the 3 current CCA’s to take FT position ? Also, should not have the FT position been posted and filled before hiring another CCA being our CCA ratio was already met ?

    • James

      Your cca time does not follow you. Basically, if you transfer out of an installation you lose all your cca time and you start back at the bottom again. Also, the three current cca’s will be senior to you

  • don

    Is cca paid overtime?

    • Liam Stairiker

      yes. time and a half over 40, or 8 on a day. V time, although I’ve gotten it here and there is rare enough that I don’t know the conditions for it off the top of my head. …other than V time doesn’t exist in December.

  • Jay

    What happens when a CCA works 363 days instead of 360 before taking their 5 day break in service

    • Liam Stairiker

      Nothing, other than they get paid for 3 more days of work. In my office… I was out for nearly 3 months on a non-job related injury. I came back to work a few weeks before my first year anniversary. Since I was out for a awhile I thought that time could count towards fulfilling my 5 day break. Nope. It sucked too, since I really needed money at that point…….. Also in carrier academy one of the teachers told us that if you somehow work over the 360, it isn’t like, “Gotcha!” You will not make regular because you worked 3 extra days. Sorry.

  • Bob

    Will a CCA that has passed a 90 day probationary period that transfers to another office be required to go through another 90 day probation

    • Liam Stairiker

      No. Assuming they never spent any time as a TE, They just become the lowest CCA. My office is a hike, 45 minutes on a good day (weekday.) Usually closer to an hour and that is with me hustling, ie, speeding, lane hopping like a maniac and gunning it to make any yellow light. I really wanted to transfer to a somewhat closer office, maybe even one of the four that I HAVE to drive by to get to mine. But I needed to settle in at first at least. See if I liked the job(don’t.) See if i can do the job (yes.) Pass my 90/120, etc etc. By the time everything settled, I’m 3rd in line to make regular. I’ll probably be the senior CCA by mid summer. If I transferred to somewhere closer maybe i’d be the 8th CCA and maybe make regular in 3 years, if lucky. Or maybe I could of transferred and already been a regular. Who knows.

  • Johnny Beltran

    If my 5 day break is coming up but Mon is a holiday. Does that Mon constitute as one of the 5 days. And also since I have accumulated a little over 80 hours of annual leave should I be getting Saturday off as well.

    • Matthew Callnan

      I believe the monday holiday counts, as long as it is within your 5 day break, but I’m not sure. Any leave you have on the books when your break begins will be paid out, and you will start at a zero leave balance.

    • Christopher Miller

      Yes, Monday counted, just as Sunday counted.. the break is for 5 Calender days and NOT work days.

  • Aisha Harmon

    I am a CCA and am close to getting converted in seniority, and I want to relocate to another state. I have two questions actually.

    First, if I relocate now as a CCA will I be able to keep my seniority in the new state, or will I go back to the bottom of the list as if just starting with the Post Office?

    Second question is, if I wait until I am converted to relocate, will I keep my regular status in the new state, or will I have to start over as a CCA again?

    • Christopher Miller

      As a CCA, if you do relocate you will NOT retain your seniority. Once you have converted to a “career employee” you WILL retain that status but again begin as the least senior career employee.

      • Kent Soper

        If you were a TE who converted to a CCA (level AA), then you do retain your seniority after relocating. This is what I did and promoted to regular after four weeks in the new office. CCAs hired after the TE conversion date (level BB) do not retain relative standing and are at the bottom.

  • Rockwall Job

    I’ve been a CCA for almost 2 years. When I am non scheduled at my station I have always been able to call other stations in the area and get work.

    Now I have a new supervisor and she is telling me I can’t do that. The local Union Steward says I can and should continue to do so.

    Currently they are trying their hardest to hold me down to 40 or under per week. We have an Aux. Route that they will split rather than let me come in and carry it. It cost USPS $260 to split that route paying OT to case and 4 carriers having a piece.

    I could come in, case and carry the same route for $125.

    They will let me sit home with only 26 hours for the week and pay the OT to split this route then get upset because I call other stations looking for work.

    On what planet does this make sense?

    • Christopher Miller

      You can call other stations to find work just as easy as they can offer you up to work at other stations. Believe it or not the cost of doing the work doesn’t even enter managements minds. Having a CCA do the work at $15 vs a reg carrier at a higher rate of pay makes sense but not a reality. Before you leave for the day and have checked the schedule (and your not on it for the next day) you can call other offices.. I guess they don’t want you to because they want you to be the back-up in case someone calls in sick. Well, you are not an on call employee and not subject to the morning “we need you to come in” call.

  • Jerrod Olson

    Another CCA and I both transferred to our current station from other stations. I started at our current station 1 pay period before he did. I have assumed for the past year that I have seniority over him but yesterday he told me that our supervisor told him that he is above me because his transfer was approved first. The reason I actually started working in the new station first was because his former postmaster would not allow him to start at the new station until after she hired a replacement for him. I have a check stub that shows I started physically working there first. Who has seniority? One of us will be made regular within the next 30-60 days. When I asked my supervisor, I was told that they just don’t have time to look it up right now…as they answer most of my questions.

  • Mandy

    3 cca’s 2 are new hires and one is a transfer were hired on the same day. Who had seniority and how do they decide who gets what spot? I’m being told the transfer has seniority arms then it’s based on the last four of your social security number is that true?

    • Tom Byron

      The “tie-breaker” for seniority is based on your postal test score: the highest score gets highest seniority. Dunno what happens if, say, all three test scores are exactly the same (though I’ll bet this never happens; someone on this board will prob prove me wrong). Of course, you can also talk to your union rep to get this clarified; a supervisor may not give a straight answer.

    • Mr.Mailman

      As a CCA you don’t have seniority as career regulars do,you have standing in your facility for when they are hiring career carriers, the senior or seniors in standing get the job or jobs.

    • Jay

      Is is based on the test scores

  • Hannah

    I just passed my 90 days, is there a pay raise?

    • Christopher Miller

      no pay raise..but after 90 days worked or 120 calendar days you become eligible for your clothing allowance. see your Steward for details

  • Richard

    A CCA is fired for failing the test to become a PTF clerk. How long must the CCA wait to re-hire as a CCA?

  • ajaxsmom

    My husband just started as a CCA May 8th. Since then he has only had 3 days off. The trend tends to be that he works 15-16 days straight including Sundays (delivering Amazon packages) before he gets a day off. He was also told when hired that they ‘rotate Sundays’ but he hasn’t had a Sunday off yet. Hence he has not been able to go to church in 2 months. Is this normal?

    • CC

      My boyfriend has been a CCA for about 6 months now and they are just now starting the amazon packaging on Sundays starting July 11. I can’t believe these CCAs are working so much. I wAs wondering if it is even legal to be working 7 days straight? My boyfriend already works about 60 hr work weeks just in 6 days. Once he starts having to do Sundays, I am worried for his well being. In my opinion, that is way to much. Anyone know the legalitys towards how many hours a week is the cut off? Or if there is?
      Thanks so much

    • Christopher Miller

      Normal is an oddity in the the USPS. If he is still in his probation period (90 days worked or 120 calender days) the usps can dismiss (fire) him at any time for any or no reason. After he completes the probation time he has a little more “solid ground” to stand on. He is eligible for Union representation. If he has been answering his phone to get work assignments in the mornings he can and should stop ( he is not an “on call employee”). Some of the rules and guide lines change from office to office with the local memorandum of understanding (LMOU).
      1. is he the only CCA in the office?
      2. does he have seniority or other CCA’s ?
      3. are the other CCA’s (if any) receiving the same treatment?

      The one thing I would certainly encourage is that he speak to his Union Steward. From my perspective it seems to be unreasonable.

  • em

    i got an offer for RCA, (did finger and background check, waiting on results) and Have an interview for CCA. I am wondering which to pick, I was told for the RCA I would only work 2 days as a relieve, I have not had the CCA interview yet but I just am not sure of which to pick. MI-

    • Christopher Miller

      Depending on your location CCA work is pretty consistent. In my area Flint Michigan CCA’s are working 6 days a week. At this time we do not have Amazon however, I’m sure the great minds in charge will decide to work us every day they can (including Sundays)

  • Airam Lief

    If you are a casual employee as a CCA and you became carrier craft what does that mean?

    • Christopher Miller

      i’m not sure i understand the question. A CCA is part of the carrier craft. Are you asking about being part of the Union? or passing the 90 days worked/120 calendar day probation?

  • Hannah

    I just made regular (unassigned). Is there a pay raise? I know I’m guaranteed 1 day off a week. And I know a new 90 days start. Other than that, what changes is there ? Thank you

    • Christopher Miller

      first i should ask… have you completed a year as a CCA? if so then you do not have to serve another (90 day) probation time. If you have NOT then yes a new probationary time is in order. Yes there is a pay raise and you are entitled to TWO days off a week..Sunday counts as one.

      • Hannah

        Do you know how much the raise is? I have only been a CCA for 5 months so I will have another probation period. Thank you for your response.

        • Christopher Miller

          Lots of things change.. Insurance, pay (grade 1 step A–

          36,466 year.), Guaranteed hours, clothing allowance is will now be on a card instead of the vouchers. Congratulations to you!!

  • Sean

    So I’m out on workers comp due to an on the job injury. I will be turning over to make regular this month how does that affect me since I’m out on comp and what should I know as far as to keep myself covered and protected

  • Dre

    im like 30 days in as an cca can i get health benefits if so does the post office pay 125 per pay period im so confused and i really need health insurance any advice

    • Christopher Miller

      The usps will pay the 125 for the usps insurance only.. you are eligable for other plans but that is the only one that they will pay the 125 for. After a year you will be eligible for other plans with the 125 payment.

  • Louise

    Can a newlywed converted regular be disciplined as a regular for something that occurred while being a CCA?

    • Christopher Miller

      Management CAN and will do anything they want. Unfortunately not only is our job to deliver the mail but to make sure that management follows the contract. You should always, ALWAYS ask to speak with your steward. Do not feel shy or like you are putting a target on your back by doing so.. It is your right.. management may ask what it is about and all you have to say is you would like to talk to them about something you do not feel is right. (if you have been PRE D’.. or questioned about something you should have had your steward with you) you are not required to disclose the details. If they need to know your steward will let them know. I know that was a long answer, the short answer is..yes … Your steward can evaluate and make the argument for you. remember Discipline is supposed to be corrective and not punitive.

      • Louise honore

        For ex if a cca failed to complete a task on sept 1 and passed the 90/120 day probation therefore entitled to the grievance process but was converted sept 3 and put on another probation without the grievance procedure… and issued a letter of separation for the sept 1 cca mishap on sept 10 your saying that employee is allowed to be punished for an incident as a cca without cca rights but as a regular with no rights? So your implying junivilles that commit crimes such as murder at 17 but caught at 18 should not be tried as junivilles

        • Christopher Miller

          Louise, did you serve one complete appointment (term of 360 days) prior to being converted to a career employee?

          • Louise honore

            No I serve 342 day the incident happen while still a cca and then they decided to discipline me when I was converted and on probation so my question is since I was a cca when it happened shouldn’t I be entitled to cca grievance rights

          • Christopher Miller

            Even as a probationary “career employee” you have rights, while they are limited, you do have rights… I would strongly encourage you to speak to your union steward. While I do not want you to provide information about WHAT the incident was, I will say some actions are not grieveable.

  • Richard

    I’m a Cca. Kinda getting tired of carrying. My supervisor told me I would become a regular in less than a year. What other positions become available once I am a regular.??

    • Christopher Miller

      As far as Positions within the carrier craft the T6 position pays at a higher rate. If you are looking at moving into management… you are dead to me!… The 204b position is a possibility even as a CCA. As a CCA im guessing you have been carrying mail for less than 3 years.. why did you take a position of carrier if you were not interested in being a carrier? If you are looking at transferring to another craft ie: clerk, or janitorial, you can look at the postings for availability but again being a reg is not a requirement.