USPS trucking contractor’s offices raided by federal agents

On Tuesday federal agents raided the offices of Beam Brothers Trucking in Mount Crawford, VA. The company provides mail transportation for the US Postal Service, and according to its web site, currently has “67 contracts from six different areas”.

The Harrisonburg Daily News-Record reports that federal agencies involved wouldn’t comment on the cause for the raid, and neither would the company. But an affadavit filed to support the search warrant request indicates that the company has been accused of falsifying driver records.

According to the trucking industry magazine LandLine:

The affidavit says federal investigators have testimony from nine witnesses who worked for the company. One witness reportedly saw an argument between the company’s safety director and two supervisors in which the safety director brought up concerns over hours-of-service violations and “relevant U.S. DOT regulations,” court documents state.

The alleged response from supervisors: “We don’t give a $#@*.”

Another witness showed investigators multiple trip routes requiring drivers to exceed the 11-hour driving limit if driven in one trip. The longest such route – Knoxville, TN, to Hooks, TX, to Dallas, TX – exceeded the 11-hour limit by 20 hours. The employee was later told “the illegal routes will not be fixed because they make the company too much money,” the affidavit reads.

  • Brian Sheehan