PMG announces new VP of “Secure Digital Solutions”

From Postmaster General Pat Donahoe:

miskanicI am pleased to announce the appointment of Randy S. Mlskanic as Vice President, Secure Digital Solutions. Randy’s expertise at the intersection of digital technology and online security makes him the ideal person to lead our important investments in digital product development.

Randy will build upon the strong momentum of the Digital Solutions group, which has been led by Paul Vogel over the past seven months, and more closely align our innovation strategy with customer demand for secure digital Communications and experiences. This is an important aspect of extending the trusted and secure aspects of our brand into our digital innovations and future offerings and Randy’s credentials as a senior federal law enforcement officer will help reinforce this commitment.

In his current role as Deputy Chief Inspector of the United States Postal inspection Service (USPIS), Randy has demonstrated strong leadership and ability in guiding our strategic approach to the prevention and investigation of identity theft and fraud offenses in the physical and digital arenas. He significantly advanced the capability of the USPIS to conduct cyber investigations, respond to malware and network attacks and analyze digital evidence. He has also guided the USPIS`s efforts to build a robust cyber response and investigative capability through partnerships with the Carnegie Mellon University’s Computer Emergency Response Team Coordination Center (CERTICC) and other federal government and private sector partners.

Randy and his team have fostered our ongoing relationship with the US Department of Justice’s Computer Crime and Intellectual Property Section to support criminal investigations and help secure the US Postal Service, business partners| and customers from cyber attacks. He also led an initiative that resulted in the protection of thousands of U.S, citizens from exposure to fraud through the seizure of over $1 billion in counterfeit financial instruments destined to individuals in the United States.

To best align our digital product innovation with our customer and industry engagement strategies, the Secure Digital Solutions team will be part of the marketing group structure. Randy will report to Nagisa Manabe.

  • doorcoach

    Seriously ?? another VP ?? what is this, like 30 now ?? WTF !!!

    • JY

      There are now 33 VPs.

  • sandra thomas

    Now you know why it is absolutely necessary to deliver 43 flats per minute on a rural route….we have 33 vice president and one PMG to make sure we earn, and they get paid, their hefty salaries!

  • Painter Barry

    Can’t wait until next week’s announcement from PMG about being pleased to announce the creation of a “new” position: Senior Vice-President, Vice-Presidents

  • DarrinQ

    What a crock.

  • ggg

    At an avg of $189,000 (not counting bennies) that’s alot of craft people we could use…..