Burrus: Take a Deep Breath

Postmaster Donahoe has announced plans to convert to five day delivery and the response has been as expected. This is a “do not cross” line for the labor unions so their demand for immediate cancellation of the intended plans was on cue but it is hoped that in private discussions there is serious discussions about an alternative solution. Saying no is not a strategy, but a reaction to unacceptable solutions and the Postal Service needs a strategy. The response cannot be ‘do nothing’ beyond calling Issa and Donahoe derogatory names

Given the USPS’ financial position with little or zero reserves something has to give or there will not be full paychecks in the not too distant future; saying no to five day delivery while Congress sits on its hands is a path to insolvency. So, if as expected five day delivery is a nonstarter, the available option is to pressure Congress to take up reform and get it done. The current House Bill includes unacceptable features and that is the challenge to successfully achieve amendments, get it to a vote and soon. Pat Donahoe has made the first move and it is now up to the other players to do something that adds revenue to the Service ‘big time’ and cancellation of the health care payment will not get it done. We can engage in what ifs forever, but the immediate question is five day delivery or what.

From: Take a Deep Breath | Burrus Journal.