Audio: Magazines Contend with End of Saturday Mail Delivery

The U.S. Postal Service’s decision to suspend Saturday delivery is unwelcomed news for the struggling magazine industry. The glossies tend to arrive at the start of the weekend, when readers have more time to peruse stories and advertisements.

But with the U.S. Postal Service decision to drop Saturday mail delivery, means magazine will have to rethink their delivery methods. Nat Ives, media editor with Advertising Age, says magazine have to rethink delivery methods, some of which may include hitching a ride with newspapers to land on your front yard rather than your mailbox.

“Bloomberg Businessweek, for example has been building this program for awhile,” Ives told WNYC, “and found that it works better is easier and cheaper in major markets, but in secondary markets it’s more of a slog.”

Ives says one thing is certain, advertisers will be less motivated to buy space in magazines that arrive on Monday.

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