Mail Handlers Union calls 5 day decision “a major blunder”

USPS Announces Move to Five-Day Delivery

NPMHU_logo(February 6, 2013) Earlier today, the Postmaster General announced that the Postal Service plans to switch to five-day delivery later this year. The NPMHU previously has made clear that such a change in operations would be a serious mistake, and would eliminate a key component of the Postal Service’s longstanding mail network and service to the American people. Instead of cutting service, the USPS should be emphasizing, and capitalizing on Saturday delivery to grow the business.

In addition to what we consider to be a major blunder by the Postal Service in this matter, Congress also has been making a mistake, which now has continued for several years. More specifically, Congress has failed to return pension overpayments to the Postal Service, and has failed to adjust required overpayments to the Retiree Health Benefits Fund. Congress needs to fix these mistakes.

The NPMHU remains willing to work with the Postal Service and all stakeholders in the development of responsible postal legislation that addresses several key issues, including improving USPS finances, the continuation of full service to the American people, and protecting the jobs, rights and benefits of its members, and of all postal employees.