PostCom Meets to Discuss Future of Mail

postcom3The Association for Postal Commerce (PostCom), the industry leading representative of those who use mail and those who support others in the use of mail for business communication and commerce, Board of Directors met last week to discuss matters facing the mailing industry.

It elected seven new Directors to its Board:

  •     Mike Brigham, Toshiba International Corporation
  •     Heidi Gapinski, FedEx SmartPost
  •     Keith Kellison, United Parcel Service
  •     Chris Lien, Bell and Howell
  •     Thomas Lloyd, Capital One
  •     Cheryl O’Day, Discover Financial Services
  •     Bob Schimek, Satori Software

The Board, in its normal course of business, passed two resolutions:

  •     Board of Directors resolve that the President be directed, with General Counsel, to follow and monitor any developments dealing with patents filed by the Postal Service dealing with the Intelligent Mail barcode and report back to the Board if any action is needed.
  •     Board of Directors resolve that the PostCom staff develop comments to the hybrid business model white paper published by the National Academy of Public Administration.

“PostCom met to discuss how mail works and still is a vital part of the American economic infrastructure. Indeed, it’s as valuable to the nation as are good roads, reliable and cost-efficient transportation, working telephones, and dependable electrical power and gas. In the coming year, we need to re-double our efforts to make sure this message is hear loud and clear by our nation’s policy makers. This is the year we need to make sure that Congress and the President fully appreciate the economic power and utility that a vibrant mail system has to offer. It will be the focus of what we do at PostCom,” said PostCom President, Gene Del Polito.