Entrepreneurs Launch Elephant Trunk, an Innovative Parcel Drop Box

Daily Grommet, an online shopping site and product launch platform for innovative and undiscovered products has partnered with husband and wife entrepreneurs to launch Elephant Trunk, an innovative parcel drop box to keep packages safe and dry.

Vanessa Troyer and Chris Farentinos know all about the frustration of missing a delivery. After thieves stole packages that were delivered when they weren’t home, the husband/wife team set out to create a secure, convenient way to receive packages and keep them safe from wind, rain, snow and theft. Their invention, dubbed the elephantrunk, is a residential receptacle for envelopes and boxes sent from non-U.S. Postal Service carriers. The beautiful architectural mailbox has a partition for outbound shipments and a vacation stopper for those times when you’re headed out of town and you don’t want parcels delivered. The elephantrunk is made from cast aluminum and heavy gauge steel, and it has a rotating drum, so packages go in, but they can’t be pulled out by a thief. It also can help keep your house safe from potential burglars who watch for packages that have been sitting out for several days — a telltale sign that a homeowner is out of town.

As online shopping grows, so are the number of UPS and FedEx packages piling up on doorsteps. Thieves have been known to stalk delivery trucks and watch for unattended packages. With the elephantrunk, you can elude these “porch pirates” and entrust your stuff to a pachyderm package-protector.