Right wing blogger wants his government subsidized shipping rates back

A right wing blog called “American Thinker” has a rather bizarre take on the increase in USPS international postage rates. The blogger has some kind of business that involves shipping stuff overseas, and, like many similar operations, is being hit hard by the rate increase:

I have a small, no, make that tiny, business. It’s a sideline, mainly because it doesn’t earn enough to be anything else, but none the less I’d like to eventually have it be bigger. What I sell is not important, but the fact that fully a third of my sales are international is important. As of now, my international shipping rates have doubled, at the least.

OK- so far so good- it has to be tough for any business to see its shipping rates double- there was a story the other day about the impact on indie record labels that also do a lot of international shipping.

But here’s where the American “Thinker” loses me:

The assault on small business never seems to stop. This is simply one more nail in the coffin. And don’t tell me that the USPS isn’t technically a government agency. It’s a government supported monopoly that prices small business out of any other market by undercutting other shippers. No one will pay $50 to ship $20 worth of product, as you will expect to pay with shippers other than USPS.

Hunh???? He complains about the USPS “undercutting” other shippers, and then says he can’t afford to use “shippers other than the USPS”, i.e. private, free market outfits like UPS and FedEx??

Can someone explain that one to me? How can you complain about USPS prices being too high, while at the same time claiming that they use their alleged monopoly to “undercut” the competition?? Which is it?

More to the point- if USPS has a monopoly, how can there be a “competition” to undercut? Pssst… there is no monopoly in international shipping!

The “Thinker”‘s solution? The USPS needs to be “held to account”, whatever that means. Oh, and “the artificial supports that prop up the USPS need to be removed”. And somehow that will force the USPS to lower its rates…

Translation? Mr. Free Market Thinker would like to have his government subsidized below market shipping rates back. Apparently if you’re a right wing small business owner, “artificial supports” are OK if it’s your business they’re propping up!

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