USPS Sends Priority Mail Package 1,688 Miles Out Of Its Way?

Consumerist has a blog post about a customer whose eBay purchase took eleven days to reach him, even though it only had to travel 15 miles. Consumerist seems to have a strong dislike for the USPS, and, as usual, attaches the tag line “It’s no wonder USPS is going bankrupt.” to this one.

In this case, though, the customer’s displeasure seems justified- based on the tracking info, the package was missent to Southern California not once, but twice.

missentWhat I found interesting though, is the fact that the reason for the mis-routing is fairly obvious- the package was supposed to go to Rancho Cordova CA 90670, but instead went to Santa Fe Springs CA 95670. Somewhere along the way a “0” was read as a “5”. So was the package misaddressed? The customer says the address was “clear”, but oddly enough, doesn’t supply a photo of the address label, even though he went to the trouble of supplying an image of the tracking data.

Whether or not the ZIP was correct and readable, of course, there’s no excuse for the USPS sending the package on a 1,688 mile wild goose chase. But is that kind of fiasco typical of USPS service? Clearly Consumerist would like you to think that it is. But the customer in this particular example contradicts that impression:

From my own experience, most things shipped even with normal First Class mail within California only took a day or two

Hmmmm… so usually USPS service is excellent, but the fact that this one package was missent twice, possibly because of a bad address, explains the USPS’s financial problems? Thanks for clearing that up!

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