PMG answers employees’ questions about state of the business

In his latest State of the Business video (video available only on USPS network), PMG Pat Donahoe answers questions he has received from employees about important subjects affecting USPS.

The PMG reports that most of the questions he received dealt with the status of legislation reforming the laws governing USPS. Congress didn’t approve legislation before it adjourned last month. “We’re starting from scratch with the new Congress,” says Donahoe, adding his priorities for a new bill — recasting retiree health fund payments among them — remain the same.

Donahoe also responds to questions about the Postal Service’s drive to increase its package business. He reminds employees to make sure they scan all packages and deliver them on time. “You are doing a tremendous job,” he says, reporting that employees are progressing well toward his goal of “100 percent delivery, 100 percent on time and 100 percent scanning.”

The PMG says many employees asked about the status of the Intelligent Mail barcode (IMb). Donahoe replies that the goal is all commercial mail will have an IMb by the end of this calendar year. He says that with IMb, the Postal Service has an opportunity to significantly provide more timely information to mailers that will help increase the value of the mail.

Donahoe also answers questions he received from employees about the new agreement with the National Association of Letter Carriers (NALC), including the establishment of City Carrier Assistants and the creation of joint USPS-NALC task forces on health insurance, overtime and route structure.

Finally, Donahoe expresses his appreciation to all employees for their hard work and extends his gratitude to the 25,000 employees who are retiring this year. “We appreciate your service and wish you a happy, healthy and enjoyable retirement,” he says.