Motor Vehicle Subcontracting on Hold Until March 4

apwulogoIn response to an APWU request, the Postal Service has agreed to postpone any mode conversions of Postal Vehicle Service work to Highway Contract Routes (HCRs) at least until March 4, when an arbitration decision on the issue is expected, APWU President Cliff Guffey has announced.

The agreement applies to California, where management planned to subcontract all PVS operations, as well as to approximately 40 other pending conversions around the country.

When the USPS announced plans last year to convert all PVS operations in California, the APWU initiated a national-level grievance and filed a complaint in federal court. The suit prompted the Postal Service to agree to postpone implementation of the conversion until Jan. 26, pending the outcome of the arbitration.

The arbitration hearing began on Nov. 27, but additional hearing dates were scheduled in December and January. The evidentiary phase of the hearing is now complete; briefs on the first issues being addressed by the arbitrator are due in February.

“We are pleased that the USPS has agreed to hold off on implementing the conversions until after we have a decision from the arbitrator,” said Motor Vehicle Service Craft Director Bob Pritchard. “We have been tirelessly fighting the elimination of our jobs and we will continue the fight.”