Virginia man arrested in bomb threat/robbery attempt at Thornburg VA post office


Spotsylvania County Sheriff’s Deputies responded to a 911 call at around 9:00am, yesterday regarding a man with a bomb in the U.S. Post Office in the Thornburg area. The female postal worker related to dispatchers that a man came into the facility and placed a box on the counter, claiming that it was a bomb and he was there to rob the post office.

Upon arrival, deputies took the man into custody and evacuated nearby businesses and residences for safety. The Explosive Ordinance Disposal unit, from the Quantico Marine base and the Virginia State Police, Bomb Squad responded to assist in the safe disposal of the suspected explosive device, which remained inside the post office.

The bomb squad worked for several hours to safely investigate and dispose of the suspect package, only to find that it was a hoax device which was incapable of detonating and contained no explosives. The U. S. Postal Inspection Service special agents responded to the scene and deputies assisted in the processing of the crime scene and gathering of evidence, which was ultimately turned over to the special agents for federal prosecution of the suspect. The suspect was described as a disgruntled out of work truck driver in his mid-50’s, who was “at the end of his rope” and decided to do something desperate.

During the initial response and investigation of this incident, the ATF, FBI, USPS Inspection Service, Quantico Marine EOD unit, and the Virginia State Police Bomb assisted in the numerous stages and assignments of this case. The suspect was turned over to USPS special agents pending federal charges and warrants.