Postal Headquarters Announces Temporary Suspension of DUO Implementation


napusToday, the NAPUS national office received a memorandum from Postal headquarters announcing the immediate temporary suspension of Delivery Unit Optimization (DUO) implementation.  The memorandum was dated January 11, 2013, although it was not forwarded to NAPUS until today, January 14th.  The temporary suspension of the DUO implementation process went into effect immediately, including offices that were scheduled to be impacted on January 12, 2013.  NAPUS President Bob Rapoza will attend a meeting with Postal officials on Wednesday, January 16, 2013 to discuss the temporary suspension and what changes are planned for the program.

A copy of the USPS memorandum is attached below.

DUO Temp Suspension

Additional information will be posted as the NAPUS website as soon as it is available.

Charlie Moser
January 14, 2013