How bad is this Congress? Now they’re even having trouble naming post offices!

You know a Congress is bad when its only major legislative achievements are laws to send the nation back into recession and gut its credit rating, but at least they could put aside politics and get on with naming more post offices, right? Sadly, it appears this Congress can’t even manage that!

From the Wall Street Journal:

With days to go in the session that began in January 2011, Congress has named just 31 post offices, according to congressional records, down from 71 in the previous session and less than a third of the record high of 109 set two sessions ago, when nearly a quarter of the nation’s legislative effort went into naming post offices.

The Journal goes on to suggest that part of the “problem” lies with Congressman Darrel Issa:

One explanation for the appellation austerity is the policy of the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform, through which House legislation on post offices must pass. In a March 2011 memo, the committee’s staff said it would consider such bills only once every two to three months ‘in order to efficiently utilize the time and resources of the Committee and the House.'”

… and we all know how well that’s worked out!

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