Release of 2013 Non-Bargaining Pay Schedules and NPA Update

From the League of Postmasters:

The LEAGUE National Office received the non-bargaining unit salary schedules (PDF) for 2013. These schedules will go into effect January 12, 2013. Although there were no pay increases for 2012, the new schedules will raise the caps on most all EAS positions.

PFP salary determinations for FY/2013 will be subject to the Postal Service’s review of compensation practices throughout the United States economy. Based on this review, PFP program ratings will either be suspended or applied to salary determinations. For FY2014 and FY2015, PFP rating will be applied to salary determinations.

Last week, LEAGUE and NAPUS started preliminary meetings with Postal Headquarters regarding NPA and the Administrative Rules. These rules will have to be updated to remove CORE requirements. Much of the discussion centered on the need for continued communication and goal setting for Unit and Corporate goals. For 2013, NPA will be weighted with 60 percent of the NPA composite coming from Corporate goals and 40 percent coming from the Unit goals. Clearly the need to discuss how these goals can be met, progress on how we are doing during the year, and the end of year results need to be part of the process. The need for individual mitigating circumstances on Unit goals was also one of the items being discussed. The LEAGUE office will keep you updated on the final changes and complete new Administrative Rules when they are available.