NAPUS & USPS Officials Meet to Discuss Administrative Rules for Pay for Performance Program

napusNAPUS and League leaders met with USPS Officials to update the Administrative Rules and the Mitigating Factors process for the Pay for Performance (PFP) program. Updates to the Administrative Rules will include eliminating references to the former core requirements indicators, which were eliminated under the Postmaster Pay Package for FY2011-2015.

Under the current National Performance Assessment (NPA) process, Postmasters will be evaluated on Unit and Corporate performance indicators. Corporate indicators will account for 60% of the composite score and Unit indicators will account for 40% of the composite score. The Unit and Corporate performance indicators are established and measured in the National Performance Assessment (NPA) system.

PFP salary determinations for FY2013 will be subject to the Postal Service’s review of compensation practices throughout the United States economy. Based on that review, PFP program ratings will either be suspended or applied to salary determinations. For FY2014 and FY2015, PFP ratings will be applied to salary determinations.

Postal headquarters also released the non-bargaining salary schedules for FY2013, including 6 hour offices and PMRs. The new schedules are posted on the NPA/PFP link on the NAPUS website.

via NAPUS.