Video: USPS “Sweater-friendly returns” commercial features postal employee

When the gift-giving is over, let the gift-returning begin!

A new TV commercial from the Postal Service is reminding people that when a holiday gift doesn’t fit, doesn’t work or is a duplicate — like the sweater featured in the spot — USPS offers stress-free returns.

The commercial, which is airing on network and cable programs, highlights the ease and convenience of returning packages using By going online, customers can pay and print postage, and have their packages picked up for free.

The commercial features full-time postal employee and part-time actor Tory Davis. He works at the John J. Buchanan Station in Chicago. A Screen Actors Guild member, Davis has appeared in several other commercials as well as in films, theater productions and TV shows.

“It was such an honor to represent all my fellow postal employees and help tell the story about the great service we provide our customers,” said Davis. “And it was also such a fun acting opportunity.”

With returns shipping an essential part of e-commerce, USPS offers solutions that fit the needs of both consumers and merchants. For merchants, enhanced tracking, Scan Based Payment and other returns features are designed to help companies boost customer loyalty and repeat purchases.

After the holidays — and year round — USPS offers many happy returns.

via USPS News Link.