USPS package intercept scam alert

The Postal Service is issuing a warning about a scam involving imposters who pose as employees and tell employees to ignore Sender’s Request for USPS Package Intercept Service, PS Form 1509.

Lottery fraud perpetrators based in Jamaica are posing as USPS officials and attempting to stop the return of packages to customers who have filed the form after making a payment.

Their use of postal titles and departments suggests the criminals understand USPS internal references.

When these scammers suspect a PS Form 1509 has been filed, they call the Post Office and claim to be a supervisor or someone from “Consumer Affairs.” They instruct the employee to ignore the request to intercept the package and instead deliver it as addressed.

Employees should be alert to this scam and follow the instructions for handling PS Form 1509 packages. Any questions regarding a PS Form 1509 should be addressed to the originating Post Office.