APWU Excessing Out of Installation Arbitration Award

From 21st Century Postal Worker:

From Oakland, CA President Fredric Jacobs:

Attached is the arbitration award relative to our first excessing “out of the installation” grievance. Although a long time coming, we did manage to accomplish some of our goals.

• The arbitrator ruled that an excessing “out of the installation” grievance can be presented challenging the need for excessing without reliance on the Comparative Work Hour Report (See pages 21 & 22 of award). This will be helpful with our other grievances. (Very good language)

• The arbitrator supported our argument that the 60-day notice must disclose the place to which an employee will be assigned (See pages 24 & 25 of award) Note: The 2010 CBA states impacted employees must be given “at least 30 days” notice.

• The arbitrator emphasized in her award that the “primary principle in effecting reassignments” in Article 12.4.A that dislocation and [in]convenience of the regular workforce should be kept to a minimum. This is extremely relevant because our other cases, like the instant case, we present the argument that management failed to adhere to this principle.(See page 4 of attached “brief” Brief)

Although this award will not resolve all of our excessing problems, it is a good beginning. Thank all of you for a job well done.

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APWU Post Hearing Brief – October 12, 2012 [pdf]

F06C-1F-C 09191444 Arbitration Award – November 17, 2012 [pdf]