Gopost pilot program expands to more locations

The Postal Service’s gopost pilot program has expanded to three locations in Maryland, including one across from the University of Maryland.

With gopost, the electronic parcel locker kiosk, customers can drop off and pick up packages around the clock at convenient locations. These kiosks are located near high-traffic areas and are typically available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

USPS already has installed gopost kiosks at ten locations in Northern Virginia. Customers have used gopost to receive and send thousands of packages since the pilot program launched in February.

To use gopost, customers register with the Postal Service to obtain a user ID card and PIN to open the locker. When a package is delivered to a selected gopost kiosk, the customer receives an email or text message. There’s no cost to use the units.

“We want these lockers to be where people shop so they’re not making a special trip to the Post Office,” said Retail Services Manager Nan McKenzie. “It’s all about convenience for the customer.”

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