Storm related info for USPS customers and employees

From USPS News Link:

Due to Hurricane Sandy safety precautions, Postal Service headquarters and other offices in the Washington, DC, northern Virginia and Maryland metropolitan areas are operating Oct. 29 with only essential personnel on-site. Employees with telework arrangements will be working off-site.

USPS is prepared for a quick response before, during and after a hurricane; and has procedures in place to expedite recovery efforts. Updates on postal facility operation changes due to the storm are posted on the Mail Service Updates page of Contingency plans are in place in the event of any PostalOne! outages, with procedures for acceptance units available on the Bulk Mail Acceptance pages of Blue.

Employees in affected areas should call the USPS National Employee Emergency Hotline, 888-363-7462, for information on work schedules or time changes. Decisions to close or curtail local deliveries in affected areas will be made by local postal management based on the most current information in their areas, and based on keeping the safety of employees, the public and the U.S. Mail as the top priority.

Updates will be provided throughout the day as more information becomes available.