APWU Retirement Incentive Offer Mailing Error

The APWU has been informed by the Postal Service that a problem occurred in the mailing of retirement incentive offer letters to full-time employees who are eligible to take optional retirement, Executive Vice President Greg Bell has reported.  Due to a technical problem at the printing center, some individuals may have received an annuity estimate intended for another individual.

The USPS believes [PDF] the problem occurred in a limited area in California.

The Postal Service will be resending the special retirement incentive letter to all full-time employees eligible for optional retirement in California to ensure all eligible employees have accurate information.  The new incentive offer letter is scheduled to be mailed on Friday, Oct. 26, 2012.

Any employee that received material concerning another postal employee should shred or otherwise destroy it.  The information should not be retained and does not need to be returned.