Hearing Set on APWU Request For Injunction On Subcontracting Motor Vehicle Jobs

(10/24/12) A hearing has been scheduled for Nov. 9 [PDF] on the APWU’s request for an injunction to stop the USPS from contracting out all Postal Vehicle Service operations in California. The USPS has notified the union that beginning Nov. 17 it intends to replace postal truck drivers with drivers employed by contractors.

“We are pursuing every avenue to protect our members’ jobs,” said Motor Vehicle Craft Director Bob Pritchard. “We will do everything we can to prevent the Postal Service from proceeding with this assault on postal drivers.”

Management’s plan would eliminate approximately 840 jobs held by postal drivers; there are approximately 6,900 postal drivers nationwide.

The APWU filed a complaint in federal court in California on Oct. 16 [PDF] that outlined the facts and explained why a preliminary injunction was needed. On Oct. 23 the APWU filed a motion [PDF] asking the court to issue the injunction.

Typically, the union’s motion would be heard 35 days from the date of filing. However, because the USPS intends to implement the California subcontracting plan on Nov. 17, the request for an expedited hearing was granted.

The union’s grievance on the USPS plan has been scheduled for arbitration on Nov. 27 and 28.

“Management’s plan violates our Collective Bargaining Agreement and will cause hardship for the drivers whose jobs would be eliminated,” said APWU President Cliff Guffey. “If it is implemented, it also will damage the Postal Service.”