USPS makes Every Door Direct Mail permanent

The US Postal Service has announced that its Every Door Direct Mail market test has been a success, and the product will become a permanent offering in January 2013. From today’s Federal Register notice:

In December 2010, the Postal Service announced a new market test to begin in January 2011, to enable customers to mail saturation flats with simplified addresses to all types of delivery in an even more simplified manner. The USPSTM developed a Web Tool to assist customers in determining which routes cover certain delivery areas and the number of residential, business, and total deliveries for each delivery route or Post Office BoxTM section. The USPS also waived permit imprint application fees and annual presort mailing fees for mailers paying postage at the time of mailing while entering mail up to 5000 pieces per day at the office of delivery. In addition, mailers do not maintain a trust account for postage payment, instead paying at the time of mailing and using a simplified postage statement.

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