Mail handlers will fight USPS decision on AFCS-200 jobs

The National Postal Mail Handlers Union has told its members that it will challenge the USPS decision to award operator positions on the AFCS-200 flat sorting machines to clerks rather than mail handlers. NPMHU President John Hegarty sent the following letter to the union’s local presidents:

In a letter faxed to the NPMHU office on Friday evening, September 28, 2012, the Postal Service has outlined its intent to assign one “operator position” on the new AFCS-200 to the clerical craft. The primary craft for the induction activities on the AFCS-200 will remain with the mail handler craft. (A copy of the USPS letter is attached).

“We are analyzing this decision to determine the impact on the Mail Handler Craft”, said National President John Hegarty. “We obviously disagree with this decision, and will challenge it through the appropriate channels.”

lt does not make sense to take Mail Handlers, who have been efficiently operating the AFCS machinery for decades, off of the “operator position,” and switch that over to the clerk craft. One can only guess at the rationale behind this blunder by the USPS.

The National Office is gathering the information necessary to determine the precise impact on Mail Handler jobs, both immediate and in the future. We will also update you on our challenges to this ill-advised jurisdictional assignment, and to any other developments going forward.

“Rest assured, we intend to fight for this Work and to protect the interests of our hard-working AFCS operators, and of all other Mail Handler nationwide, as We have always done,” said President Hegarty.

This may be the Postal Service’s decision for now, but it is not the final word in this dispute.