Mail handlers don’t want to be “guided” by clerks

The Mail Handlers Union last month filed a national level grievance concerning the use of “lead clerks” to supervise mail processing units when a regular supervisor is absent. The “lead clerk” position was agreed to in the last APWU contract, with the aim of reducing the use of acting supervisors, usually referred to as “204B’s”. According to the USPS and the APWU, “lead clerks” would “guide” all employees in a unit, including mail handlers.

The problem, as far as the Mail Handlers are concerned, is that the USPS never negotiated with them on the issue. In practical terms, the provision would effectively preclude mail handlers from being used as acting supervisors in units that have lead clerks. The argument could get even more interesting if the arbitrator deciding the mail handlers’ next contract includes a “lead mail handler” provision in his award…

(If you can’t access the Scribd version of the grievance below, click here to view or download from Google Docs.)

Lead.clerk .National.level .Grievance.8.21.12