Video: Questions raised about dumped mail in Atlanta

A spokesperson with the United States Postal Service told CBS Atlanta News on Friday that the mail dumped on Interstate 285 at spaghetti junction this week was bulk business mail that was accidentally dumped by a contractor that was en route to recycle it.

“We really don’t know how it happened, it could have been a mechanical malfunction with the vehicle, we’re just disappointed that it happened of course,” USPS spokesperson Michael Miles said.

“This was undeliverable bulk business mail,” Miles said.

CBS Atlanta News learned that not all of the mail was undeliverable. We dropped off one piece of mail to Ron Worth’s home in metro Atlanta.

“Clearly, some of this was deliverable, how do you explain that?”

“Well, very difficult and hard to say. We go through great pains to go through this mail and make sure that it’s not anything that’s deliverable. Having not seen that particular piece of mail you’re talking about it’s very hard to say,” Miles said.

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