NAPUS: Holding Congress Accountable on November 6

From the National Association of Postmasters of the United States:

A reoccurring message delivered at the recently concluded NAPUS convention was that Congress’ failure to enact legislation to maintain a viable Postal Service is undermining the agency’s ability to provide the level of service to which Americans are entitled and expect. While the U.S. Senate has met its obligation to pass legislation (S 1789), the House failed to meet its constitutional responsibility due to an objectionable and highly-partisan postal bill (HR 2309). Moreover, the House Leadership has been reluctant to bring forth consensus-driven, constructive postal relief legislation.

In order to elevate postal visibility in the 2012 electoral dialogue, NAPUS members are being asked to widely-disseminate a non-partisan congressional campaign flier entitled, A Postal Message to American Voters.  (The flier was shared with NAPUS Chapter Presidents and Legislative Chairs prior to the annual convention.)

NAPUS believes that American voters must hold individual Members of Congress accountable at the polls for the state of the Postal Service.  Elected officials who advocate for legislation to promote a viable universal Postal Service should be rewarded on Election Day; and those who refuse to commit to constructive legislation that ensures a viable universal Postal Service, or would push the agency over-the-cliff and into insolvency should be punished at the polls.