U.S. Postal Service Offers ‘Everyday Heroes’ Greeting Cards

WASHINGTON, Aug. 29, 2012 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ — Using “Everyday Cards for Everyday Heroes,” Americans can express gratitude to their own everyday heroes by sending personal messages in keepsake greeting cards.

Patriotic imagery featured on the cards is suitable for heroes from all walks of life — firefighters, police officers, teachers, volunteers and emergency medical technicians. U.S. Postal Service employees may also be described as everyday heroes, with nearly 350 employees recognized last year for life-saving works in the line of duty.

Ideal for expressing gratitude, the card collection offers six different designs, crafted with patriotic symbols and heartfelt expressions sure to make both the sender and recipient proud. Available at select Post Offices nationwide, “Everyday Cards for Everyday Heroes” at just $2.95 each provide an affordable way to send a salute through the mail.

USPS Channel Access Vice President Kelly Sigmon notes that two dates in the weeks ahead are particularly suited to honor Everyday Heroes. Sigmon says the National Day of Service and Remembrance (Sept. 11) and Veteran’s Day (Nov. 11) offer all Americans a first-class opportunity to say, “thank you” with a greeting card. “Everyday Cards for Everyday Heroes are perfect for expressing how grateful we are to all the heroes we sometimes forget to acknowledge,” Sigmon added. “A beautiful card, with a patriotic stamp, sends a powerful message of appreciation.”

Choosing “Everyday Cards for Everyday Heroes” makes creating a memory with the mail quick and easy.