Guffey contradicts Burrus- says USPS hasn’t offered retirement incentive

You may remember that earlier this month former APWU President Bill Burrus accused the current APWU leadership of holding up retirement incentives for APWU members:

The APWU National Executive Board has endorsed the decision to withhold agreement on a monetary incentive for retiree eligibles in response to management’s refusal to implement newly negotiated contractual provisions.

In a statement today, the APWU says that’s not true:

Incentives Updates

At pre-convention meetings, Guffey reported that the union has engaged in informal discussions with management on incentives to encourage employees to retire or resign. To date, the USPS has made no official offers to the APWU, but discussions are continuing, he said.

Guffey said he understands that there is great interest in incentives among some members, but it is not wise to negotiate in public. “Management will offer incentives when they believe it is in their best interest,” he said. “Right now, it seems they believe they can find spots for excess employees, so they haven’t offered any money” – even in areas affected by consolidation.

If the situation changes, “we will do everything we can to get the best terms for our members,” he said.