PostCom: Postal customers are the real “cash cows”

Postcom responds to Ruth Goldway’s “cash cow” comment:

Here’s a quote: "The Postal Service has been a kind of cash cow for the federal government for the last 40 years," says Postal Regulatory Commission chairman Ruth Goldway." Now, let’s improve on the message. No, it isn’t the Postal Service that has been Congress’ cash cow, it’s been the customers of the Postal Service, and business mailers in particular. THAT’S where the Postal Service’s money comes from. In short, for several years mailers have been paying more in postal rates than what actually is necessary to keep the Postal Service self-sufficient. When government dips into the private sector’s pocket for reasons of its own, it’s a TAX, plain and simple.

From: PostCom: Postal News and Information from Around the World.