APWU, USPS to Begin Testing Electronic Grievance Program

The union and management are beginning to test the electronic transmission of grievance appeals, union information requests and other related documents and correspondence, Industrial Relations Director Mike Morris has announced [PDF]. The test will include the electronic submission of Step 3 appeals, Direct Appeals and appeals to Arbitration.

The test will be conducted for a period of one year. During that time the parties will meet periodically to review and discuss results. At the conclusion of the test, the APWU and USPS will decide whether to continue or expand the use of electronic transmissions.

Using “cloud” technology, the new system will allow users to fill out grievance forms, save them electronically, and add documentation throughout each step of the grievance procedure. Currently, paper files are utilized until grievances are appealed to Step 3.

Authorized users at various steps of the process, including stewards, National Business Agents and others, will have the ability to access the system.

For more information about the pilot, click here.