APWU members due for second COLA increase- next September

APWU members will receive a cost-of-living adjustment (COLA) of $375 per year in September 2013, in accordance with the 2010-2015 Collective Bargaining Agreement. The raise is the result of an increase in the consumer price index (CPI-W) since January 2012. It is the second COLA under the contract. The expected effective date is Sept. 7, 2013 (Pay Period 20-2013).

Under the terms of the 2010 National Agreement, the first two cost-of-living adjustments are based on the January and July 2012 CPI-W but are deferred until 2013.

The first COLA under the contract is $62 per year and is expected to become effective  on March 9, 2013 (Pay Period 07-2013).

There will be seven COLAs under the 2010-2015 Collective Bargaining Agreement, with the five remaining  adjustments based on the January 2013, July 2013, January 2014, July 2014, and January 2015 CPI-W.

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